Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Every sweet tooth needs just a little hit . . ."

song: I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

So, my brother-in-law, Lario, is a hilarious mixture of nutritional Jekyll and Hyde-ness.

When he's not demonizing High Fructose Corn Syrup, he's making Homer Simpson 'donut-inspired' noises about hot dogs, creating 100% false justifications about the massive levels of nitrates they contain.

While gathering at my parent's house this weekend, mom breaks out 2 boxes of Tastykakes ("I thought people would be over so I got these . . .") . . . the delish chocolate cupcakes and . . . the evil Butterscotch Krimpets!

I'm 1/2 good. I open a packet of the Krimpets and break the twins in half, saying, "Who wants the other one??!"
I'm pretty sure Lario started salivating, but I can't be sure.
"If you insist," he says, reaching . . .

He takes 'the other 1/2 Krimpet' and holds it for a moment.
Staring down at his hands in a moment of quiet reverence, he then says, "Hello, friend. It's been a long time."

I'm really glad I didn't have my mouth full when this happened.

(p.s. 'Twilight Girls' Night recap, coming soon, I promise!)


Ann said...

LMAO! Too funny! I can only imagine this scenario :)

Michelvis said...

Yikes...I saw too much of myself in Lario's comment. For example, me around donuts...I look at say "you are my own personal brand of heroine" and then I weep and I give in to the temptation that is fried dough.

Achtung Amy! said...

You kill me JJ!!