Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Hello, Hello (Hola!)"

song: Vertigo

All right, so I've finally done it.
I'm now officially part of the blogger world.

So, first, let me explain what this blog's theme is (and isn't), so that those of you who are not U2 fans (a) have more time to go get your heads checked, and (b) might actually read this once in a while.


I'm not saying I'll never talk about U2 (example: I'll probably give my thoughts on their new album next week sometime), but this is not a blog 'about U2.'

Ok, so, a collective 'whew' from those in my life who are crazy enough to be relieved right now. I love you all anyway, and will pay for your first mental health therapy visit.

U2's music has been an important part of my life since 1986 when my sister Lisa and I were at our cousin's house in NJ and first heard the U2 album 'The Unforgettable Fire.' We bought U2's 'October' for the 8-hour drive home to Virginia and literally warped the tape (yes, TAPE!) from listening to it over and over without stopping.

For those of us who are music lovers, how often do we strongly identify with a song or relate it to an event that's personal to us? How often do we hear a song that reminds us of something that occurred one time when we heard it? How often has a lyric sprung to mind that mirrors exactly what's going on 'right then?'
For me, a lot.
And U2 lyrics seem to do that the most.

So, I decided that the theme of this blog would be to write about all kinds of stuff . . . and title the posts using U2 lyrics.

Thus, the sub-title of the blog is born: Life in U2 lyrics.

So, we'll see where this all leads . . . I hope it's as fun as I'm told.
If not, I have your names. I will hold you personally responsible. You know who you are.


Whooooo hoooooo!!!


Michelvis said...

On a bed of nails I've waited for this day! Welcome. Great post lovey!

Achtung Amy! said...

I've been "Numb" with out your blog. Wait, that was way lame but Michelle was so clever...I had to try.

I can't wait to read some of the throughts in your pretty little head.

brits said...

How about something from Jane Child...welcome to the real world!!!

You need to get your girls in green to FOLLOW your blog now! I sent you a doc about igoogle and it's the only way to go!!!!

Mick Jagger would have got his satisfaction if he had only read your blog!

Marcy said...

Love it.....thanks for including your U2 friend from GA who is now in TX. I will stay in touch....
Can't wait for the tour to start. U2 forever !!

Lizzie said...

it's a beautiful day, don't let it get away! congratulations on your new blog my dear friend. i'll be reading from down here in rio de janeiro. good luck!

Italianissima said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Can't wait to read more posts!